All the pieces in our Bespoke Pine Furniture Collection  are available in a wide choice of finishes. Choose from wax or painted finishes in a variety of shades and colours. All painting and waxing is carried out by hand in the UK once you have placed your order thus assuring you of a premium quality finish. As the finish process takes time to complete please allow around 3 to 4 weeks for delivery - we will advise you of the expected time upon receipt of your order.

Below are examples of the standard finishes that are available and the prices shown include the standard finishes shown below. These finishes all have a sheen but are not glossy - they are inbetween gloss and matt.

Many other colours are possible - should you require another colour then please contact us for the price which will depend upon the size and quantity of the items.

    Raw / In The White - a natural bare wood finish that is ideal for customers who wish to apply their own unique finish.

Lacquer - this hard wearing, resilient, low maintenance, smooth lacquer finish is ideal for the lover of pine furniture in its most familiar form. The coating allows the surface to be lightly wiped down which is ideal in an environment of sticky chocolate fingers and spillages.

  Wax - a wax finish enhances the character of the piece and gives a warm nourished feel to the wood. The standard wax finish is steeped with the tradition of treating the timber and simultaneously obtaining a sheen. A periodical re-waxing will keep the piece looking rich and attractive. 

Abbeywax - this provides a rich and 'toasted' appearance and is a classic col our that exudes richness from every part of the grain.  A periodical re-waxing will keep the piece looking rich and attractive.

Buttermilk - the aim is to create a piece of furniture with in built antiquity and class - something the very best finishers can achieve. Then a subtle antiquing process is applied that leaves a vintage hallmark of shading. 

Parchment - it is true that every single piece of parchment is unique due to the individual nature of the timber grain. The mixture of the paint and a special waxing agent upon raised grain creates a 'marbling' parchment effect that is really in a class of it's own and makes a very sophisticated presentation of contrast.

Antique Ivory - a complex series of multiple coats and subtle rubbing back is the secret of achieving this finish. The light ivory colour blended with the random exposure of the undercoat results in a beautiful combination of past and present.

Milkwood - this creamy vanilla finish is all about contrast (the rich hue of pine contrasted with the paintwork) and can only be applied to furniture where we can remove the tops or handles to treat them separately. Alternatively we can apply an all over milkwood finish. The creamy vanilla of the milkwood can also be dressed with Lacquered Pine or Abbeywax or Standard Wax or Chestnut.

Chestnut - a warm antique brown with a warm and resilient lacquer finish. This is effectively the Abbeywax tone with the added protection of a lacquered coating.

  Pure Snow White - normally only found on MDF furniture that has ultra smooth surfaces but now available on pine furniture due to demand. Please note that surface profiles of the timber beneath will be pronounced with this finish.

Antique White - a little whiter than antique ivory that combines mild distressing with subtle rubbing back in order to reveal the brown undercoat.

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Some finished examples: (NB. Old Lace is no longer available)